First blog post

My humble Pranams to Divine Mother Sita, Mere Prabhu Ram and to my Guru Hanuman. Thank You for giving me this opportunity to Serve you.

My initial thought to setup this site came to me almost 7 years ago. The purpose was to provide general public with location of this beautiful Mandir which is nestled within the busy hub of Inner West where all can come and join in Ram Katha. There was also a pressing need to move with the time and as they say, ‘information is King’. Intention was to keep everyone informed of upcoming events and to provide community announcements.

Timing and right reason eventuates only with HIS Will. So here I am trying to develop a website for the first time and I see HIS Divine hand in everything that I am doing. In the process of coming up with this design and hosting platform, I had to go through numerous other designs before I came up with this and it has been always the case of not liking some fonts, widgets, templates, etc! I am sure the complexity of the forms will increase in time as our need grows and please feel free to comment and request.

We are open to suggestions to the way we operate provided these benefit the community and our vision. Please come forward and talk to our Mandir co-odinators or simply email us. We are planning to carry out lot of maintenance work to improve the temple’s appearance and the available facilities.

RAM’s Humble Servant
Hiren Singh


Follow Dharma (ie any correct action that leads to Love, Peace and Harmony) and Dharma Will always protect you!

Published by Bhartiye Mandir Sydney

IT Co-odinator

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