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The best place to learn about Hinduism, in context of Religious Education, is of course, at the source, the Mandir where one is able to absorb the sounds, the sights and the sacred environment of the culture. In addition to this, one is able to observe the faith in practice. Ramayana endorses the merits of Satsangha

The main objective of Regents Park Bhartiye Mandir is to promote both the culture and the philosophy of the Hindu faith to its members and the community at large. Ram Katha’s message has been always pleasing to the ear and people have generally found lot of comfort and guidance in their life. There are lot of believers who have taken comfort in the Daily repetition of Ram naam.

Secondly, we are trying to engage more people to get involved in self-less service. Through Karma Yoga we learn and experience Divinity. It is important that we allow more people to come forward and serve RAM lovingly, without EGO and by setting aside their doer-ship. It is important to teach our children the philosophy of Ramayan and encourage them to participate in bhakti singing and teach them the musical instruments. That’s our real mission!

Thirdly, we would like to extend our assistance to the Community. Divine manifestation takes place when ones heart opens to compassion to humanity, to all Gods living creatures, air, earth and ocean. We would like to extend our self-less service to people in need (eg soup kitchen), planting trees, assisting on clean-up day, disaster relief and doing simple things like blood donation. The aim is to raise our awareness to those in need. ‘Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu’.


Bhartiye Mandir in order to achieve its objectives has been mostly funding itself from the generosity of the members and the donations from general public. The volunteers assist in the maintenance of the property. Currently, the rear building is in state of disrepair and will require attention going forward. See more details below regarding pending and completed projects.

Besides providing services, Mandir has three tier approach in raising funds to sustain itself.

  1. Donations mainly in the form of Arati collection.
  2. Contribution from individual Members.
  3. Small fund raising initiatives.

But most of all, it will be pleasing to have your company during  Ram Katha.

Pending Projects

  1. Replace Back fence with colorbond.
    Approximate cost $2500.
    Projection: Within six months.
  2. New Building Project. Replace the current building which is falling apart.
    Approximate cost $200,000.
    This is our long term project. Within 2-3 years, seeking Divine Grace and direction from Rama.
  3. Building compliance changes (Approx. $7000)

Recently completed Projects and Initiatives

  1. Internal lighting improvement (April 2018)
  2. Creation of Facebook Account (Oct 2017)
  3. Creation of New Website for Church (Feb 2017)
  4. Carpeting of Mandir (2016)
  5. Removal of Dirt and Debris from Church Compound (2016)
  6. Building of fence on three sides of Mandir (2015)
  7. Replacement of Broken windows and installation of internal heating system (2013)
  8. Start of Yoga and Meditation Classes (2013)
  9. Repair of Mandir Roof. Replaced back-end flat section of Mandir roof with new corrugated iron, water proofing, etc. (2012)
  10. Replacement of Toilet roof and all the timber beams. (2012)
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